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From some of the team that brough you Minenautica: The Osiris mod for Minecraft 1.11.2 adds mobs, items, blocks, and biomes based on the game "Osiris New Dawn".



- Chisel

- Shard Blade

- Stone Axe

- Scientist Armor Set

- Ranger Armor Set

- Pipe

- Ores

- Leaves

- Biome Blocks

- Plants

- Berry Tree Saplings (non-functional)

- -Skeliopod



Coming Soon!


Change log: 


+ Plants

+ Berry Tree Saplings (WIP)

+ Scientist Armor Set

+ Larvae Skeliopod Mob

+ Chisel

+ Shard Blade

+ Stone Axe

+ Custom World Type (Proteus)

+ Misc. Items (WIP)

+ Crafting recipes

+ Ores, Ore Drops, and Ingots




Skeliopod model and animations.

Scientist Armor Set

Ranger Armor Set

World gen and biome


Blocks, Armor, and Items



Image result for discord logo thumbnailDiscord: https://discord.gg/zx6DeMh



Viperfish2000 - Textures, Coding

Anglerfish555 - Models, Animations, Textures, Coding


Special Thanks to:

Frozenfarmer 64 - help

iD TECH, BC, RYNO, and TARS - teaching us java coding and modding, and providing assets created by iD TECH


This mod is Copyright and is the intellectual property of the author (The Osiris Team). This mod may not be altered, edited, mirrored or redistributed without permission of the founder (Viperfish2000). We did not create Osiris New Dawn.