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This mod adds 7 further keybinds to use in Origin Datapacks made for Forge. This way you can have more customizability and possibilities when it comes to active powers.

A backport to 1.18.2 or 1.16.5 is not planned.

Forge Syntax:

key.extrakeybindsforge.tertiary_active = 3rd Ability Key (Tertiary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.quaternary_active = 4th Ability Key (Quaternary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.quinary_active = 5th Ability Key (Quinary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.senary_active = 6th Ability Key (Senary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.septenary_active = 7th Ability Key (Septenary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.octenary_active = 8th Ability Key (Octenary)
key.extrakeybindsforge.nonary_active = 9th Ability Key (Nonary)

Fabric Syntax:

"key.originsextrakeybinds.tertiary_active" = 3rd Ability Key (Tertiary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.quaternary_active" = 4th Ability Key (Quaternary)

"key.originsextrakeybinds.quinary_active" = 5th Ability Key (Quinary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.senary_active" = 6th Ability Key (Senary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.septenary_active" = 7th Ability Key (Septenary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.octonary_active" = 8th Ability Key (Octonary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.nonary_active" = 9th Ability Key (Nonary)
"key.originsextrakeybinds.denary_active" = 10th Ability Key (Denary)