[As of Minecraft 1.9.4 releases]

Long description short, this is a library mod which is used by TheTemportalist (and available to others for use) to make the modding process easier and more fluent.


Short description long... Origin comes in 3 parts, API, Foundation, and Internal/Main.

  1. API - contains classes and interfaces which can be used as standalone files without requiring any other part of the API, Foundation, or Main facets
  2. Foundation - specifically geared to managing background information and data control so that individual mods do not have to set up the frameworks each time
  3. Main - provides a sample implementation as well as some utility features
    1. Features
      • Configurable heart renders: Overrides basic vanilla heart rendering. For each set of 20 health, the user can configure what color the set should render as (found in config files).