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ender io config issues

#38 By  sarm11985

Created Dec 1, 2018 Updated Dec 1, 2018


by default EIo plugin is set to false, on a fresh config batch all will load well, but once i convert to true it loads the nasty-gram from EIo about custom recipes and crashes the game. to solve it i have to compleatly wipe the EIo config and restore the OresAE config to false. 


i have not really had enough time to see how having the config off will play out for overall game play mechanics. but im just hoping that there might be a solution that will allow me to utilize the compatibility you have designed for your mod.


im working on pinning down a crash log but as of yet its not creating one. ill try to screen capture the log that appears on screen.

forgive me, im not great with dissecting minecraft errors.


OresAE is truly one of my favorite ore gen mods and ive used it in all of my personal packs, you have made a fantastic mod and im looking forward  to seeing it evolve.  

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