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Uploaded Oct 30, 2019
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- Added Lead Vest (radiation protection)
- Fixed result-items can be placed in BlazeFurnace output slots
- Fixed BlazeFurnace giving no experience when result is taken from output slot
- Fixed BlazeFurnaceBlock emitting light, when holding in hand (with shaders)
Lead Vest:
Protects from radiation of items: ingot, nugget, rod, dust
(Protection from radiation of the block, ore and pressure plate coming soon)
- Fixed serverside radiation effect
- Fixed path of hero_of_the_village loot tables
- Fixed Uranium ore particles are not visible
- Fixed lapis ore not generated
- Fixed radiation effect
- Added radiation damage source
- Added Better loot tables handling
- Added Redstone recipe (4x Dust -> Redstone)
- Added Metal Dusts and Metal Rods
- Added New individual end stone ore textures
- Added Wires Items
- Added BoP Support: Ores gen in Biomes o Plenty Biomes and aluminum and steel shears are able to harvest Biomes o Plenty leaves and Bushes etc
- Fixed serverside model loading bug
Wires Item:
- Tag: forge:wires/copper, forge:wires/gold ……...
- Earn the Recipe for Empty Coil by getting wooden slabs into your inventory
- Craft an Wire Coil by adding 4 Ingots to an empty coil.
- All Wire Coils can be used up to 4 times, the empty coil needs 4 Ingots to fill up again
- Test how the Coils working in crafting grid by putting a Copper Wire Coil into the grid and get the Copper Ingots back (this is just an example recipe to Show how it works)
- Some config changes, like Special Biomes added. Remove old config to get new values
- Added Platinum, Osmium and Iridium (no usage atm, world gen disabled by Default)
- Added Gold Granite (only in the end Dimension)
- Added Radiation Effect caused by Uranium
- Added Nether and The End Ore Variations (All 16 metal ores available in the nether and the end Dimension, but world gen is disabled by Default)
The End / Nether Ores gen:
- End Ores Gen is experimental and will be more adjusted, atm 5x overworld vein amount - yep way to much
- Nether Ore gen is 2x overworld vein amount
Uranium Stuff is radioactive and handling with this stuff gives Radiation effect.
This Effect is experimental atm and will be improved/balanced soon.
- Uranium Block, Uranium Pressure Plate, Uranium Ore: Radiation Effect when carried in inventory, or standing on it
- Uranium Item Ore: Radiation Effect when carried in inventory
- Uranium Ingot: Radiation Effect when carried in HotBar
- Uranium Nugget: Radiation Effect when carried in HotBar and selected
!!! Uranium Blocks are unstable, pls don't ignite or trigger with Redstone Signal !!!
- Fixed Chromium ore smelting recipe is not available (BlazeFurnace)
- Fixed Smoke render distance for BlazeFurnace Chimney
- Added Aluminum Barrel and Aluminum Shears
- Added Chromium (+Armor)
- Added Titanium (+Tools: HarvestLevel 4 Efficiency +1 better than Diamond Tools)
- Added Lead and Uranium (no usage atm, ore gen is disabled by default atm)
Titanium Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 4 Titanium Ores + 1 Hearth of the Sea + additional Fire + Blaze = 4 Titanium Ingots
Chromium Ingots:
Can be obtained only in Blaze Furnace by smelting 1 Chromium Ore + Blaze = Chromium Ingot
Ore, Ingots and Nuggets are radioactive. Ingots and Nuggets radiate when holding in main and off hand,
but the Ore emits a lot radiation on any slot of the players inventory... so better use your ender chest to carry it around!
- Fixed Ore rendering
- Added Zinc and Brass (no usage atm, zinc ore gen is disabled by default atm)
- Added Nickel and Invar (+Invar Tools: HarvestLevel 2 like Diamond Tools)
- Added Constantan and Electrum (no usage atm)
- Added Mithril (+Armor, enchanted with mending when crafted)
Brass Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 1 Copper Ore + 1 Zinc Ore + additional Fire = 2 Brass Ingots
Invar Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 2 Iron Ore + 1 Nickel Ore + additional Fire = 3 Invar Ingots
Constantan Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 1 Copper Ore + 1 Nickel Ore + additional Fire = 2 Constantan Ingots
Electrum Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 1 Gold Ore + 1 Silver Ore + additional Fire = 2 Electrum Ingots
Mithril Ore:
Rare occurrence, only 1 Block veins, simillar to emeralds.
Increased occurrence in Dark Forest biomes
Mithril Ingots:
Can be obtained in Blaze Furnace by smelting 4 Mithril Ores + 1 Ghast Tear + additional Fire + Blaze = 4 Mithril Ingots
Mithril Blocks and Mithril Decor Blocks can be used like Bookshelves with Enchanting Table
- Fixed SpecialBiome config for emeralds
- Fixed World Generation (optimized)
- Fixed HarvestLevels are not correct
- More balanced default Ore Generation values (e.g. emerald and lapis vanilla like)
- Added Black- and Whitelists for Hard-,Dark- and Soapstone
- Blaze Furnace Fuel time doubled (from 800 to 1600 ticks)
- Better Chimney placement (e.g. click on first chimney, when holding a chimney block, to stack)
- Added Missing recipes and loot tables

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