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Have you ever felt like getting a full set of diamond armor is too quick and easy?

Well, you're in the right place. Ores Above Diamonds adds the Amethyst and Black Opal, late-game gems that are far rarer than diamonds, yet also noticeably more powerful.

There is also a 1.12.2 version, 1.14.4 version, 1.15.2 version, 1.16.5 version, 1.17.1 version. and a 1.18.2 version. Look for them in the files tab on the top of the screen.

OAD Mod Showcase


Spawns below y:8 (Below y:16 on 1.17-)

Mined by a Diamond+ Pickaxe.

3x rarer than Diamonds.

+50% Efficiency from Diamond.

1.75x Durability from Diamond.

+1 Attack Damage from Diamond 

+25 Enchantability from Diamond 

+1 Toughness per armor piece from Diamond

80 + 4% Damage Reduction with full set

       - Up to 25% tankier than Diamond armor.

1.17+ - Can smash into 3 vanilla amethyst shards

If enabled in the config file, it can spawn in the Nether and the End with significant customizability!


Black Opal:

Spawns below y:0 (Below y:16 on 1.17-)

Mined by an Amethyst+ Pickaxe.

9x rarer than Diamonds.

+100% Efficiency from Diamond.

3.5x Durability from Diamond.

+2 Attack Damage from Diamond

+5 Enchantability from Diamond 

+2 Toughness per armor piece from Diamond

80 + 8% Damage Reduction with full set

       - Up to +60% tankier than Diamond armor. 

If enabled in the config file, it can spawn in the Nether and the End with significant customizability!

1.16+ - Upgrade into Netherite Opal: +1 Attack Damage, +20% efficiency and durability, +1 Toughness, +1 Knockback Resistance, and +5 Enchantability.

(Use a smithing table and add a netherite ingot)


Here is a visualization of the effective health (y-axis) of the armors with respect to the damage (x-axis).

All values are customizable in the config file.

For versions other than 1.12.2, if you are adding this mod to an existing world, the ores only spawn in freshly generated chunks and not preexisting ones. You need to venture far into unexplored lands to have a chance at finding the ores. 

Armor can visually cap at 10 full armor bars even though they provide more damage reduction.

For some versions, you can download Overloaded Armor Bar to correct for this.


Config Tutorial

On windows, search %appdata% and click .minecraft -> config and find the oresabovediamonds.toml file.

Most config changes need a full Minecraft restart and/or a full server restart.

For the server owners, the config automatically syncs with the clients! The clients need to join the server, restart their Minecraft, and then rejoin the server. They will be told these instructions automatically upon joining by default. (Disable-able in the config) 


1.16.5 and 1.18.1 Expected vs Actual Ore Distribution


Amethyst Expected: 14194 * (7/8) / 3 = 4139

Black Opal Expected: 14194 * (6/8) / 9 =  1182


1.18.1 Actual

Amethyst Expected: 57455  / 3 = 19152

Black Opal Expected: 57455  / 9 =  6383

(1.18.1+ vein sizes are all 8, just like diamonds)


Great mods to pair with

Extended Caves

Mutant Beasts

Colytra (Forge)

Progressive Bosses

YUNG's Better Caves

Tinkers Better Compat (1.16.5 tinkers compatability mod by ianm1647)

ProjectE (you can manually add EMC values using commands)


Great alternatives to this mod are Advanced Netherite, Gobberand Gems & Jewels!

Although the gems for Gems & Jewels are technically compatible, unfortunately, the rings don't work with my mod yet, so you need to pick one or the other if you don't want to have to choose which toolset to run.



Thank you to CriativeMan1 for voluntarily creating nearly all the textures and to all of our translators:

Russian translations provided by mARRSSSSS and marmotinfire.

Brazilian Portuguese translations provided by damagemaximo15.

Turkish translations provided by jesrass.

Mandarin translations provided by wadjet_sama.


Feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM for any purpose. If it's a bug report, please include the Minecraft version. Suggestions are welcome. Although I'm only going to be maintaining this mod, I would love to hear ideas. I might make a remastered version of this mod down the line.