Have you ever been mining and hit a rough patch of gravel or dirt and immediately started mining the other direction? Or gotten frustrated that you had to dig up the useless gravel or dirt to continue on? Well get frustrated no more because this mod finally adds a benefit to finding gravel or dirt underground! This mod adds in a variation of all vanilla ores (Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Diamond, Emerald) for gravel, dirt, and sand. These ores act just like vanilla ores would in recipes (and more! Explained below), and have the same textures as vanilla ores do, just overlaid on their respective block. 

In addition, ocean floors will now have sand (in addition to gravel and dirt) with ores in them! 

Some photos!

Some of the ore naturally spawning on the bottom of the ocean:

Another photo of the ore spawns on the bottom of the ocean 

All blocks added by this mod!

Close up of some of the ores



World-Gen is simple, anywhere that dirt or gravel spawns underground, there's a chance for some of the blocks to be replaced with a vanilla ore variation of the respective (gravel or dirt) block. All ores retain their normal spawn values, no ores spawn in a y-level they previously wouldn't have in stone, so don't worry about too much dirt, gravel or sand being changed, and emerald gravel/dirt only spawns in the biomes it normally can. All ore variations are forge tag friendly (forge:ores/coal, forge:ores/iron, forge:ores/gold, etc.) and should be unified for all recipes that utilize the system. With what the nature of minecraft is, the sand ores are rarely ever generated, but do exist as a fun extra/usable block for modpack developers who'd like to set their own spawn rates for it!

All ore variations have normal minecraft drops in their normal amounts, coal, redstone, lapis, diamonds, and emeralds can be affected by fortune (on a shovel of course ;D), and require a shovel of the material they would normally require a pickaxe for (e.g. you'll need an iron shovel for diamond gravel but a wooden shovel can mine coal gravel). Furnace and Blast Furnace recipes exist for every ore, and silk touch will work like it would with any Minecraft ore!

Modpack Permissions:

You may put my mod into your modpack without asking, you do not need to give a link to my mod in the description of your modpack. I would love a comment about it though!


  • Is there a Fabric version?
  • Not yet, but there are plans for one!


  • Why create this?
  • There's really two reasons. Firstly, to just add a use to those pockets of dirt and gravel you may find underground while mining. But secondly, it fits well into a lot of modpack themes and wasn't something that I saw really flushed out yet, so I decided to make it for anyone who may want to use it in their modpack.


  • Does this mod add new Armor/Tools/Dogs/Spaceships?
  • No, this mod knows what it is. It's purely vanilla ores in various new variations, and I don't want to bloat this mod with random non-vanilla crap, as this is meant to fit easily into a Vanilla+ -esque modpack, or any other modpack out there.

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