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Requires the library mod Collective.

Ore Harvester allows players to mine entire ore veins instantly, by breaking one of the blocks in it while crouching. The time it takes to mine is increased by the amount of ore that's in the vein. All ore items will be dropped at the initial broken block's position. It is compatible with Silk Touch and any other enchantments. Diagionally connected blocks are also broken, as long as it's visible with an air block.

The mod has various config options to edit the behaviour. There is also a blacklist file available where you can specify which pickaxes are allowed to use the mod's feature.

Developed to work alongside my Tree Harvester mod.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
oreHarvestWithoutSneak (default = false): If enabled, ore harvesting works when not holding the sneak button. If disabled it's reversed, and only works when sneaking.
dropOresAtFirstBrokenBlock (default = true): Whether all ore drops in a mined vein should drop at the first broken block's position.
enableFuzzyOreSearch (default = true): With fuzzy search enabled, it uses a block's raw name to determine whether it's an ore block. Improves compatibility with other mods that have not set a block tag, but does create a small chance of a false positive.
loseDurabilityPerHarvestedOre (default = true): If enabled, for every ore harvested, the held pickaxe loses durability.
loseDurabilityModifier (default = 1.0, min 0.001, max 1.0): Here you can set how much durability harvesting an ore vein should take from the pickaxe. For example if set to 0.1, this means that every 10 ore take 1 durability.
increaseExhaustionPerHarvestedOre (default = true): If enabled, players' exhaustion level increases 0.005 per harvested ore (Minecraft's default per broken block) * increaseExhaustionModifier.
increaseExhaustionModifier (default = 1.0, min 0.001, max 1.0): This determines how much exhaustion should be added to the player per harvested ore. By default 0.005 * 1.0.
increaseHarvestingTimePerOre (default = true): If enabled, harvesting time will increase per existing ore in a vein. The amount is determined by 'increasedHarvestingTimePerOreModifier'.
increasedHarvestingTimePerOreModifier (default = 0.2, min 0.01, max 10.0): How much longer it takes to harvest an ore vein with 'increaseHarvestingTimePerOre' enabled. The actual speed is: newSpeed = originalSpeed / (1 + (logCount * increasedHarvestingTimePerOreModifier)).

Pickaxe Blacklist Feature:
It's possible to only allow certain pickaxes to harvest ore veins. On first load of the mod a blacklist file is generated. It is located at ./config/oreharvester/harvestable_pickaxe_blacklist.txt. This works for modded pickaxe items as well.

Some GIFs:
Mine any ore in a vein, and all blocks in it are broken:

Compatible with Silk Touch and any other enchantments:


You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

Serilum.com contains an overview and more information on all mods available.

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For issues, ideas, suggestions or anything else there is the Github repo. Thanks!