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NOTE: I Noticed a thing : with JEI the recipes bugs BUT it's just a display bug


Ore and more is a Forge mod that adds Ores and few things to the game like the Demonite (not from Terraria ) , Rose Quartz , Azurite ...

It add a litle bit off spice to Minecraft !


(Of course,you can use in our modpack !)


Ores :

○Demonite (y= 9-1)

○Azurite  (y=  18-2 ) All snow biomes

○Ruby     (y=16-1) 

○Rose Quartz  (y= 33-10 ) Desert

○Fire Amber (y= 165-1 ) Nether forests

○Copper (y= 60-15 )

Armors :

○Demonite Armor (resistance,speed,strenght,jump-boost and +5 heart)

○Emerald Armor

○Ruby Armor (+2 heart)

○Azurite Armor

○Rose Quartz Armor

○Fire Amber Armor (fire resistance)(picaxe = netherite to mine demonite)

○Copper Armor

○Stone Armor (slowness)


○End Sword

○All Ores Swords

○Butcher Knife

○Flint Knife

○Bone Steer

Commands :






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