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Explore the world of Minecraft with intrigue and fear of the new Orcz!


Currently adding many types of Orcz and goblins that spawn naturally all over the world, looking for you.


Informations about mobs



Complex custom AI for the Orcz and Goblinz!


Explore the Orcz camps to get some loot and have some fun! (Including a sandy variation and a snowy variation!) (Can be disabled inside the orcz config file)

Fight for your life against Orcz and Goblinz, with much more content to come!

You can find us on discord as:

legs and arms#8223
Or join our discord server for news!: https://discord.gg/R4VJwrUaCx



Special thanks to

Boomyakalolo remaking item textures.
Daddy_P1G concept and buildings