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👑 Decorative variants of valuable blocks! ðŸ‘‘

Opulence adds an array of fancy ore block variants, including gold, diamond, and emerald. The goal of this mod is to give wealthy end game players more decorative options and even provide new building possibilities. Now you can finally fulfill your dreams of building a luxurious diamond mansion!



  • Stairs and slabs for vanilla gold, diamond, and emerald blocks
  • Cut variants of gold, diamond, and emerald blocks, along with their own stairs and slabs
  • Engraved (chiseled) variants of gold, diamond, and emerald blocks
  • Gold, diamond, and emerald pillars


Iron, copper, and netherite blocks are planned, along with lamp blocks made from each ore.



  • Pollen is required for 1.18.2
  • Blueprint is required for 1.19.2+

A collection of gold blocks

A collection of diamond blocks

A collection of emerald blocks