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Sick of trying to fix issues with a server you run while people keep joining and playing while you have a whitelist?
OpLock was made to solve this issue!
100% server side only, drop on any Forge server for a quick way to let you work on issues alone!

With a simple command you can lock down your server to only let OP's of a specific permission level or greater join the server without automatically getting kicked.
No need to restart the server to apply or even kick out all the current players doing there thing if they aren't causing issues!



/oplock Options What it Does
boolean true|false Sets the lock state of the server to this.
boolean true|false Should the not allowed players stay connected?
message any string Kick/notification message override.

You can check at any point in time the current lock status by just running /oplock

Lots of configs!

  • Option to notify connecting allowed players if the server is locked or not.
  • Configurable minimum Op permission level.
  • Configurable delay before the player is kicked on connection.
  • Option to set the state the server starts in. Locked or not!

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