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Filename OpenSecurity-MC1.12.2-1.0-35.jar
Uploaded by MichiyoRavencroft
Uploaded Aug 7, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 573.55 KB
Downloads 9,165
MD5 d8ca87f9a049eda29d0bf4670959d635
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8



* added public method to retrieve protected areas so that other mods can read the data
* fixed bug with energy turret spawning ghost entities which never died

* fix #138 (only return ITEM_HANDLER Capability when facing != null) which crashed the game when NuclearCraft is installed


* fixed a bug where rendering the GUI could crash the client


* fix for dedicated server not starting up if RTFM mod is installed (sorry O:-))


* added support for RTFM Mod (if the mod is installed there will be a manual item, which got the same content as the OpenComputers Manual Tab)

* fixed OpenComputers Manual conflicting with OpenGlasses2 mod as the same code was used

* fixed Item Tooltips not rendering in GUIs and added hints on the Slots about what items can be used in them


* fixed EnergyTurret couldnt be placed on ceiling

* fixed EnergyTurret producing an error when fire() method is called

* fixed EnergyTurret sound getting stuck in a loop

* fixed SecurityTerminal not recognizing BlockBreak Event, and so not protecting blocks

* added a calibrate() method to the rolldoor controller, so that it can recalculate its height if the blocks below changed (has to be called by the user)

* fixed crash on startup when Galacticraft is installed

* fixed JEI displaying helper blocks which havent any use for the player


* new fix for the energy turret, as the last one didnt fully cover the issue


* fixed a null pointer exception when placing/using the energy turret

* maximum alarm range can now be configured in the mod config


* added Rolldoor

* Energy Turret is now able to break weak blocks (plants, leaves, vines and spiderwebs)

* fixed Entity Detector reporting wrong locations

* fixed various issues for the EnergyTurret (rendering, turret getting stuck, turret not dropping inventory when block gets broken)


* NanoFog now seals Air for Galacticraft and Advanced Rocketry

* fixed render issues with KeyPad and Preview of Magnetic Card Reader


* new EventHandler for block break events (less laggy when large areas get mined)

* increased energy buffer for security terminal

* some fixes for security doors (no protection was active, doors responded to redstone)

* changed range to blocks instead of diameter

* added nanofog shield system

* doorcontrollers can now be used as upgrade in microcontrollers

* alarm, entity detector and rfid block can now be used as upgrade in microcontrollers, robots, drones and tablets

* various bugfixes

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