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File Details

Filename OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
Uploaded by Vexatos
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 14.15 MB
Downloads 55,860
MD5 4cfe4964032b4a2f9a1f76894181a262
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


New Features/Support

  • Added: 1.12 and 1.11 support
  • Added: New OpenOS thread library
  • Added: Motion Sensor is now an upgrade
  • Added: Converter for fluid tank properties.
  • Added: zh_CN and ru_RU localization
  • Added: AE2 Integration (thanks Leon)

OpenOS fix/improvements

  • Fixed: numerous areas of code cleanup
  • Fixed: memory cost reduced, Now requires ~140kB to boot to shell prompt
  • Fixed: boot time reduced dramatically
  • Fixed: /bin/ls fix for -p option to show / on dirs
  • Fixed: /lib/event fix for dispatching signals to timers
  • Fixed: /lib/keyboard reduced memory cost and fixed support for numpad in terminal
  • Fixed: loadfile fix to allow relative paths
  • Added: Separate core tty code from /lib/term, added vt100 support
  • Fixed: ENV and _G fixes for load, lua shell, and shell environment
  • Fixed: edge case in quoted whitespace in shell commands respected
  • Fixed: mv and cp error message conformance and cleanup
  • Fixed: install tool fixes
  • Fixed: fix exit code issues with ls and piping
  • Added: pastebin updates for https
  • Fixed: serialization performance greatly improved
  • Added: ls coloring now uses vt100 color codes in LS_COLORS
  • Added: new file listing tool: /bin/tree (thanks LeshaInc)

Other fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: robot screen freeze issue
  • Fixed: iron nuggets removed (vanilla has it now)
  • Fixed: Little bit of scala cleanup, API refactoring
  • Added: getAllStacks and getInventoryName to transposers and inventory controller upgrades for better inventory management. (thanks thiakil)
  • Added: More robots names (thanks Nexarius)
  • Added: Mouse release sends drop event even without drag
  • Fixed: Made tank controllers work better with blocks that provide multiple tanks.
  • Fixed: filesystem.copy() (#2432) (thanks SDPhantom)
  • Fixed: Make wtrunc count missing glyphs as 1 (thanks gamax92)
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in manual.
  • Fixed: Robots not being able to use all items properly.
  • Fixed: case where computers could run minecraft host machine cpu too high
  • Fixed: table returned by getAllStacks().getAll() being 0-based.
  • Fixed: Equipment slot actions.
  • Fixed: bounding box issues that affect things like waypoints

List of contributors

Sangar, payonel, Vexatos
modmuss50, SDPhantom, thiakil
gamax92, asiekierka, Wilma456, stone3311
Nexarius, loveyanbei, 28Smiles, cyber01, LeshaInc