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Filename OpenComputers-MC1.8-
Uploaded by Sangar_
Uploaded Apr 5, 2015
Game Version 1.8
Size 8.49 MB
Downloads 1,665
MD5 eb011685cf3b738c06d882ef9398b449
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7


  • Added: Chamelium is now edible. But don't.
  • Changed: Floppies and hard drives can no longer be wiped by shift right-clicking them. To wipe loot floppies, craft them on their own (i.e. put them in a crafting grid).
  • Changed: Improved recipe handling. Recipes can now be disabled by assigning false to them. Missing recipes will generate a warning.
  • Fixed: Disassembler ignoring recipe output sizes (leading to fun effects like iron nuggets being disassemblable into iron ingots).
  • Fixed: Redstone I/O block properly wakes computers now.
  • Fixed: Wireless messages potentially triggering chunk loads.