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Filename OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
Uploaded by Sangar_
Uploaded Nov 23, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 7.91 MB
Downloads 1,151
MD5 274b4ef53dfae30fba4797fc068cdee5
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You cannot downgrade to OC1.3, after loading your world in OC1.4, without losing converted blocks. To future-proof things, the way blocks are handled internally has been switched around a bit in 1.4. This means all of the old blocks have to be converted to the new format. For blocks that are in the world this happens automatically. For blocks in inventories, this also happens automatically if they are in a player's inventory. It's really not that big a deal, but I want to make sure you're aware of this, to avoid unnecessary confusion.

  • Added: More NEI integration. When showing the usage information of an item (default is U, at least for me), for OC items there are now one or two new pages. One with a manual, describing the item, and one with API documentation (i.e. callbacks exposed by the component provided by the item).
  • Added: geolyzer.analyze callback, allows reading more in-depth information on blocks directly adjacent to the geolyzer / robot / whatever the geolyzer is built into.
  • Added: Database component; primarily used for AE2 export bus driver for now. Allows storing representations of item stacks to be referenced by other components. This was added to allow passing item stacks with NBT information to some callbacks without having to expose the actual NBT to scripts.
  • Added: Password char support for (e.g., nil, nil, "*")).
  • Added: Access lights to computer cases, disk drives and servers to indicate disk / floppy access.
  • Added: Permission check when changing sign text via sign upgrade.
  • Added: Better support for custom CPU architectures. In particular, when registered, OC's CPUs can be simply reconfigured to another architecture by shift-right-clicking them. Not that there are any released ones, yet, to my knowledge.
  • Added: Logic to prevent putting components into devices where they could not be used anyway, e.g. redstone cards in tablets.
  • Added: Wobbo's rc script system to OpenOS.
  • Added: Loot disk with Magik6k's network stack.
  • Changed: Integrated OpenComponents (interaction with other Mods). The OpenComponents addon is no longer required in OC 1.4 (on the contrary, it mustn't be present, because it uses the OC 1.3 API).
  • Changed: Reworked power conversion. Different blocks now accept external power at different speeds. Check the tooltips!
  • Changed: Reworked call limits. The speed with which certain operations can be performed in OC are controlled by "call limits", e.g. how many times per tick a computer may tell the graphics card to update. This is no longer per component but per computer now, and different CPUs have a different call budget - that means T3 CPUs are actually faster than T1 CPUs now.
  • Changed: Improved and updated some third-party block drivers.
  • Changed: The adapter now has an inventory with one slot, which can take certain upgrades such as the inventory controller, tank controller and sign upgrade. Some functionality previously provided out of the box is now only available via these upgrades when put in an adapter.
  • Changed: Updated some mods' APIs.
  • Changed: robot.durability() now returns a single number, 0 = broken, 1 = no damage. Internally this now uses handlers for specific mods' items. If you know of items from a mod that are not working as expected, let me know.
  • Removed: MJ support.
  • Fixed: Stuff. Probably. (Honestly, I can't remember if the recent fixes were fixes for changes introduced by 1.4, or something older...)

Also, as the version bump implies, OC's API changed enough to break stuff using the OC 1.3 API. If you're a modder using the OC API and haven't updated already, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you're not a modder but know a mod uses the OC API and hasn't updated yet, please let the author know about the change. Most of the changes won't require a lot of adjustments; to make updating less frustrating, the things that have changed in the API are documented on the wiki.