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OpenBlocks Elevator



Simple port of the elevator from OpenBlocks to 1.8+ (Forge)

Crafting is the same.

There can be blocks between them, they just have to be on the same X and Z.

Stand on the block and jump to go up and crouch to go down. 


When directional is enabled, it adjusts your camera when teleporting to it. You can hide the arrow in the GUI.

Camouflage elevators by simply right clicking with any block.



Located in <world-name>/serverconfig/elevatorid-server.toml (1.14+)

Here are the default configs as of 1.15.2-1.7.0:

#Should elevators have the same color in order to teleport ?

sameColor = false


#Realign players to the center of elevator ?

precisionTarget = true


#Elevator range

#Range: 3 ~ 256

range = 256


#Reset pitch to 0 when teleporting to directional elevators ?

resetPitchDirectional = true


#Reset pitch to 0 when teleporting to normal elevators ?

resetPitchNormal = false


#Can mobs spawn on elevators ?

mobSpawn = false


#Should teleporting require XP ?

useXP = false


#Amount of XP points to use when useXP is enabled

#Note this is NOT experience levels

#Range: > 1

XPPointsAmount = 1



OpenBlocks Team

All the contributors on GitHub



Feel free to include this on any modpack, and if possible give a link to this page !


Hope you like it !