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After trying out a modded play-through with Fabric for a while, I noticed a lot of my favorite mod items aren't available.

One of these in particular was the OpenBlocks elevator. It's so simple, but so brilliant.

There's a Forge version available, and there actually already is a Fabric version, but unfortunately it was abandoned.

So, I downloaded what I needed for fabric development, and after two days of reading the wiki time and time again, scouring the Minecraft source code, and asking for help in the lovely Fabric discord, I produced my first mod.




Surround an ender pearl with any colored wool in a crafting table to craft an elevator block.

Crafting recipe



Place an elevator block above or below another elevator block.

Stand on top of the elevator block. Jump to ascend to a higher elevator, crouch to descend.

Currently the maximum range is hard-coded to be 32 blocks.



  • Add multiple colored elevators that discriminate from one another Added in version 1.1
  • Fix being able to warp inside solid blocks if the air above the destination is not free
  • Add config file to allow changing the range


Special thanks

OpenMods, the creators of OpenBlocks

The Fabric Discord channel, especially Catherine and Zensonaton.

The Fabric Team


Please leave any feedback or suggestions down below!