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OTG 1.16 beta for PaperSpigot and Forge has been released, grab it now!


- See the wiki for updated (1.16.x) installation instructions: https://openterraingen.fandom.com/wiki/Installation.

- Presets are being updated for 1.16, Skylands and Vanilla Vistas are already available on CurseForge.

- Lots of new settings for MC 1.16 features.

- Lots of new options for mods and modpacks, including modded biomes in OTG worlds and OTG nether/end.

See the wiki for presets



Open Terrain Generator is a data-driven world generation tool for Forge and Spigot that gives you full control over Minecraft’s world generation.


It allows you to create completely custom generators and share them with other players as your own mods, called OTG presets.


Anyone can make a preset! Creating anything you can imagine from floating islands to cave worlds requires no knowledge of Java.







By default, OTG is bundled with a default preset that is very similar to vanilla world generation. If you want it to do COOL STUFF™ then you’ll need to create your own preset or download one that has already been made.


The good news is, the community has been hard at work creating OTG presets for many years, so there’s already a lot to choose from!


See the wiki for presets


How do I install a preset?

You install an OTG preset like a normal mod, by placing the mod jar in the mods folder along with the OTG jar. After this, the preset appears in the OTG world creation menu.


For more detailed instructions, including server setup – visit the wiki here


Known issues (1.12.2):


I updated OTG and got an error: When updating be sure to delete OTG-Core.jar from the 1.12.2 folder or it will not be updated.


Some problems with dimension management mods (RFTools) may occur, please report these on the OTG Discord or Github, thanks!


OTG does not support other mods' biomes spawning in OTG overworlds/dimensions, however most modded resources and mobs etc do spawn in OTG biomes.


OTG has some features to impersonate other mods' biomes and adopt their behaviours, e.g. the Biome Bundle 'O Plenty preset uses these to impersonate Biomes 'O Plenty biomes. You can also use a BOP overworld with OTG dimensions.