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 Open Glider adds a hang glider to Minecraft, allowing you to soar through the skies and explore your world's beauty. 



Notable Features

  • A fluid flight motion and naturally immersive controls.
  • A novel system of wind that you must combat to stay on course while in flight.
  • The ability to deploy the glider and have it visually appear, both in first person and in third person view, as well as to other players if you are playing on a server.
  • Aesthetically pleasing models and item sprites that change based on deployment.
  • It is specifically coded to be efficient and computer friendly.
  • Extremely configurable so that it can suit any playstyle.
    • Wind, damage, distance traveled, visual effects, and the nuances of those are all configurable, and can even be easily done in-game via the mod options config GUI.




Open Glider is the spiritual successor to Open Blocks' hang glider. Open Glider, however, has been rewritten, rebalanced, and refined for MC 1.10+.


In addition, there have been some notable changes to make this mod fit alongside Vanilla's Elytra. Most notably this is handled by wind, a concept explained more in detail in the section below. For now simply know that great care has been taken to ensure that the hang glider still has a place in the game without overshadowing Vanilla mechanics. Open Glider aims to provide an earlier game alternative of imperfect, scenic flight to contrast with the elytra's nature of a fast and agile end-game flight method.


To get started, craft the hang glider like so:


Next, you simply right click the hang glider item to deploy it. You will know it is deployed as the item will change to resemble bars, and the glider will be visible on your back in third-person mode or above your head in first-person perspective.


Note: First person handlebar rendering is temporarily disabled due to some visual bugs (it plays the re-equip animation every time it takes damage), but you can modify the config if you want it back immediately. 


You can press shift and will increase your speed to fly faster, but note that this does come at the small cost of not quite as much overall distance traveled.


Now simply jump and glide away into the sunset!



The elytra is a nimble thing, able to propel the player. The hang glider is much larger, and therefore catches drafts of wind that the elytra does not. Unlike the elytra, the hang glider will deviate from its course, as wind may knock the player to the side.


Generally wind comes in gusts, and there are pockets of windy areas compared to sections of calm air. A prudent flyer will constantly correct his/her flight as they travel so as to stay on course.


Wind is affected by:


  • Speed of the player
    • By traveling quickly, the relative power of a sideways gust of wind is lessened due to havign so much forward momentum.
  • The weather (if it is raining or not)
    • Storms have been known to cause huge gusts; players must be more vigilant if they wish to fly during a storm.
  • The height of the player
    • More powerful air currents are found high up in the sky, while staying close to the earth means there is less wind to buffet the player about
  • The durability of the glider
    • The more damaged the hang glider is, the more vulnerable it is to wind.

Of course, all of this is configurable.



The hang glider is damaged whenever it is used. Eventually, it will break and must be repaired in an anvil by using leather, similar to the elytra.


Advanced Hang Glider


For those of you who like the mechanics of flight as provided by this mod, there is now a late game option as well. The advanced hang glider's crafting recipe contains an elytra (forcing you to choose between flight preferences, albeit temporarily) and is much faster, wind resistant, and durable than the normal variant.

Bug Reports

  • Please report them on the issue tracker. Feedback and feature requests should also be directed there.
  • Note that this mod currently doesn't work perfectly with shaders; the first person rendering is broken. However, you can easily disable the first person hang glider rendering entirely via the in-game mod config options GUI.

Open Source

  • Can be found on GitHub.
  • The changelogs[1.10][1.11] can also be found there.


  • Yes please, feel free to include this in any normal (i.e. EULA-compliant) modpack. If you expect the pack to be popular, all I ask is that you please just give me a heads up so I can more easily track the playerbase. Thanks!

Contact Me

  • What works best for me is either through the messaging system here on CurseForge, or on IRC on channel #gr8pefish, or on the typical modded MC Discord channels (e.g. MMD, FTB, etc.).


  • If you like my work and want to help out, please consider donating. I would sincerely appreciate it and could definitely use the support! Thanks :)

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