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Oops! All Armor (Fabric)


Oops! All Armor

A mod that does what Mojang don't.


The most cursed thing I have ever set upon this earth.


Armor Showcase Image


This mod introduces the following sets of armor:

  • Cactus Armor - Prickly
  • Boat Armor - Buoyant
  • Glowstone Armor - Glow in the dark
  • Copper Armor - Iron armor, but worse
  • Slime Armor - Jump around
  • Dragon Breath Armor - An extra boost when flying or swimming
  • Bedrock Armor - Invincible
  • Note Block Armor - Perfect Pitch Simulator
  • Lapis Armor - Goes invisible when you do
  • Ender Pearl Armor - Reduces teleportation damage
  • Paper Armor - Water soluble
  • Ender Eye Armor - Void-proof
  • Bow Armor - Arrow Reflection
  • TNT Armor - Explode when you die (WEAR AT YOUR OWN RISK)
  • Glass Armor - Strong but brittle
  • Ladder Armor - Ladder-man, Ladder-man, does whatever a ladder can
  • Wheat Armor - Makes you more attractive (to animals)
  • Emerald Armor - Occasionally summons villagers from another world
  • Enchanting Table Armor - Magically Volatile
  • Lighting Rod Armor - This one is self-explanatory


All crafting recipes are as you would expect from the name.


This is a Fabric mod