Omega Craft Mod

50,380 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Energy Storage

Showing off the new ESD's which are side configurable

Machine GUI

Showing the typical GUI for a machine, with tabs for recipes and side config, using the standard omega craft graphics

(Vanilla) Machine GUI

By enabling a config option all GUI's in the mod switch to a vanilla style of graphics

Energy Generators

Showing a variety of energy generation methods, from fuel burning generators to solar / lunar panels

Machine Crafting

Machines are assembled in a Machine Workbench, this allows them to be very customizable


A showcase of all the standard machines in the mod, including their active variants

Energy Transfer Methods

Omega Craft offers a few ways to transfer energy, over short range with a distributor, medium range with energy transmitters (Red), or long range with the long-wave based transmitters (Blue)

Item and Fluid Transport

Similar to energy, these two can be moved with their own transmitters. Also show is the water fabrication tank (purple) which provides infinite water

Oil Processing

As of version 4 Omega Craft has had an oil processing chain, the machines that interact with it are shown here

Dark Machines

In the late game the player can upgrade their machines to a new tier of speed using Dark Matter, which is created using the Dark Fabricator Machine

Magmite Reactor Explosion

Be careful not to let your magmite reactor overheat, it produces a lot of power but is devestating if left unchecked