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Off Hand Combat [Fabric]


"OFC is a mixin (ASM) tweaker mod for minecraft that aims to enhance PVP and PVE combat."

"double axes weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"




What does it do?

OFC enables the use of swords and tools on the player's off-hand and renders cool-down indicators for it and properly renders swing animations even when you use both arms.

OFC also enables the use of double bows, double crossbows, double tridents, double shields by alternating hands in combat.

What sets it apart?

Dual wielding two weapons does not directly double your dps, upon swinging one hand the other hand enters cool-down for half of the normal duration of the item on that hand, cheesing fights with two axes is not possible! (Watch the video #1).

Dual wielding shields does not make you invulnerable, you cannot use two active items at once, only alternate between them (Watch the video #2).

* You are able to set the cool-down reduction to nothing in the config if you wish to cheat.

* OFC respects vanilla hit timers, if you wish to hit entities faster than vanilla you need a mod that removes i-frames!

Why does it exist?

I wanted a mod-friendly implementation of a dual-wielding combat system with individual cool-downs.

How does it work?

OFC switches the off-hand weapon to your main-hand when you attack, making it compatible with most mods.

It stores a separate cool-down timer for your off-hand taking into consideration your attack speed.

It stores a last active hand, on hold right click if your last hand was your main-hand the item on the off-hand will activate instead.

Watch it in action:

More videos:


Important notes:


Requires Architectury API (Fabric).

ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION. If you find any bugs or issues I beg you to please file a report in my github or in here. :>

Discord https://discord.com/invite/yd84FJZ 


Disclaimer: Only players can use the feature, it will not work on any other entities!