Magicians are widely known as powerful wielders of magic.
In truth, however, they rely on summoned spirit slaves, known as demons, who perform magic on their behalf.

This mod is inspired by the world of Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus. If you haven't read the books, do that now!
With the help of occult rituals you will summon spirits, also known as demons, from "The Other Place" to aid you in your adventures.    



A ritual magic system centered around summonable spirits allows you to automate various tasks, store vast amounts of items, let demons mine in void dimensions, create powerful enchanted tools and jewelry, get support from familiars, and much much more.

Begin your journey by crafting the Dictionary of Spirits, and following that in-game guide, discover the secrets of the spirit world,
find otherworld groves hidden in plain sight by gaining the "Third Eye", and finally summon your first spirit.  


See Screenshots for some impressions.

Looking for an overview of how things work? Take a look at the Feature Diagram.


First Steps

 1. Break grass until you drop Demon's Dream Seeds, much like you would obtain vanilla wheat seeds.
2. Craft the seeds with a book to obtain the Dictionary of Spirits
3. Follow the instructions in the dictionary. 


Or simply jump right in with Vallen's Bit-By-Bit on Occultism:




 Or follow the German Tutorial by VegaCraft:


If you speak Portuguese, Dan got you covered:



Feedback, Bug reports or Questions?

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Alternative link: https://discord.gg/trE4SHRXvb



Use in Modpacks

Use in modpacks is allowed without restrictions, as long as you link back to this page.
If you create the modpack on curseforge a link will be automatically created in the files sections, you do not need to add a manual link.  


Configuration, Recipes, Balancing

If you need help configuring the mod for your modpack, or need a specific feature for compatibility please join Discord and get in touch!    



The source code for this mod is released under the MIT license, but some assets are available under different licenses.
View https://github.com/klikli-dev/occultism/blob/master/LICENSE for the full text.
Contributions and derivative works are welcome!


All the good-looking textures have been graciously provided by Ridanisaurus (all programmer's art is on me!),
check out their texture pack for the Enigmatica mod pack.


Special Thanks

To the (neo)forge team, without whom mods would be in the Stone Age.
To Ridanisaurus for creating the best textures this mod will ever see.

To vemerion for their new familiar content.
To feellian who made awesome new spirit models.

To naj77 for providing proper skeleton skull models that can be rendered by Patchouli.

To Oblivionaire897, AlgorithmLXKrypt0pkappa-maintainerIgroGames2227, Dimagreg and NiceClown for their translations.
To Lorc, Delapouite and Skoll at game-icons.net for various icons and parts of icons.
To Bonemouse for the Isabella Texture Pack that provides the basis of some block textures