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Nyctophobia adds new spooky biomes to make your minecraft adventure more thrilling and challenging.
Every biome was built with a lot of attention to detail to create an immersive experience for you.

Nyctophobia is the new name for The Graveyard Biomes!

Versions: 1.18-1.20.1


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  • Haunted Forest: a dark and damp spruce forest wrapped in dense fog and full of danger.
  • Haunted Lakes: a foggy swampland covered in blood red water. Watch your step - some say, each candle you encounter represents a lost adventurer.
  • Eroded Haunted Forest: strong winds have taken out most of the trees, leaving only a barren wasteland home to the deadliest creatures.
  • Ancient Dead Coral Reef: long forgotten remains of an once colorful place buzzig with life.
  • Deep Dark Forest: massive trees with broad crowns darken the mossy ground. Leaving only a few places for sunlight to reach through.


 Checkout my youtube channel and/or the discord server for upcoming features, showcases and support of this mod!