New 1.20.1 version!

The 1.20 version is different than the predecessors. It does NOT have any dependency on IC2 or other energy related MODs and does not use EU/RF.

As any other MODs by NVL the crafting recipes can be found in the Universal Help Cube from a separate MOD published in NVLBlocks.

1.20 version has currently 4 new blocks.

ForceField Door Column: As the name suggests FF Doors has a predefined structure which means two columns made from FFD Column blocks and one FFD Controller.

ForceField Door Controller: This controls the FF Door.

ForceField Secure Door Controller: This is the secure version of FF Door controler. Here you can configure who can use or configure the door.

ForceField Column: These columns are forming the FF emitter field. Force Fileds can be much more configurable in shape and design. It supports horizontal deployments or any other shapes. The only restriction is that the the emittel columns must have direct connection or connection through another Column to the Controller.

ForceField Controller: This is the Force Field Controller. It can be set to use Redstone signal as the trigger mechanism.

Older versions:

This project is a continuation of NVL IC2 Machines which is about to be break apart by categries allowing MODPack creators to have more control over the content of my MODs. Also it does not have IC2 dependency anymore.

A forcefield is created between an emitter or controller and a column. Emitters are special columns which placed next to a controller. The fields can be controlled by activating the controllers or with redstone signal. (Depends on the setup) The controller properties as field color/ user list / redstone control can be configured with the Field Tuner.

The fields are created through: air, water, lava (,space:WarpDrive) but nothing else. No filed will cut through any materials between the columns. Not even a grass plant.

NEW for 1.7.10: If IC2 or COfH Core installed then all of the controllers require energy to function. (RF/EU). When energy runs out the controller turns off. (Coming in higher versions soon...)

The MOD is compatible with WarpDrive ship turning! (1.7.10)

ForeceFields MOD is adding the following blocks and items:

ForceField colum: An universal Force Field endpoint column. This column serves as the endpoint of all fields and compatible with every controller type.

ForceField Controller: This controller controls the standard force fields. Place columns next to it to act as emitters. The fields can be turned on or off by activating the controller OR if redstone control set the change of the redstone signal.

ForceField Controller Secure This advanced controller lets you take ownership of the controller and make the field public or restricted. Restricted fields can be operated by the allowed users only. Only the owner can set up the allowed users list.

ForceField Door: This is a special controller with the same functionality as the Secure one except it can be only 3 blocks long and allows only vertical emitters. The field of this door is slim like a glass pane.

ForceField Tuner: This device can set the field properties of a forcefield. Use it on the field controller.

For crafting recipes type in the console: /getnvlffhelp and you will receive the Help Cube which shows you the description and recipes.

If you would like to have the MOD translated to your language, just notify me.