Not Enough Cats

29,290 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Are you tired of the same three domestic cat types? Have you wanted to obtain an Ocelot as a pet? Are you annoyed at cat sounds?

Then this mod is for you!



Click here to see all the varieties currently available:


Type 0: Ocelot (Available since JE 1.2.1)


Type 1: Tuxedo (Available since JE 1.2.1—based on Jeb's Newton)


Type 2: Red Tabby (Available since JE 1.2.1)


Type 3: Siamese (Available since JE 1.2.1)


Type 10: Black Cat (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 4: British Shorthair (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 5: Calico (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 6: Persian (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 7: Ragdoll (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 11: Brown Tabby (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 8: White Cat (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 12: Gray Tabby (Introduced in BE but unused)


Type 9: Jellie (Introduced JE 1.14.—based on GoodTimesWithScar's cat)


Type 13: Juno (Custom—based on whrrgarbl's cat)


Type 14: Willie (Custom—based on AstroTibs's cat)


Type 15: Lily (Custom—based on AstroTibs's mother's cat) 


Type 16: Boo (Custom submitted—Asher Applegate's cat) 


Not Enough Cats features the following:

  • When you tame any cat, it retains it skin rather than getting a random one
  • Ocelots spawn in jungles, as usual. This means that tamed ocelots look like ocelots.
  • Every other texture variation spawns in villages
  • All of the JE 1.14 skins are backported and available, as well as multiple custom skins and the otherwise unused "gray tabby" skin
  • JE 1.14 cat/ocelot sounds are implemented, as is one unused cat sound
  • Tamed cats now have dye-able collars
  • There is a config setting to reduce the frequency of tamed cat/dog noises
  • There are config settings to increase or decrease the buffer where a following cat/dog/parrot will teleport to you, and others to disable following of any sort
  • Ocelot-specific cats no longer avoid water, and non-Ocelot-type cats drop string on death
  • Cat behavior, such as how to tame them and creeper avoidance, is unchanged
  • Mooshrooms can sometimes spawn with a brown-mushroom texture.



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