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Not Enough Animations is an official partner of Shockbyte. Click the banner or here and use code 'tr7zw' to get a 25% discount for your Minecraft Server and to support future development of the mod.


This mod brings a lot of missing third-person animations from the first-person or modifies them to be better representative to how they should look like or look like in the first-person. This mod was created as an expansion for the First-Person Mod, but works completely on its own and is fully vanilla/3rd party server compatible(since it's all just visual).


All features can be enabled/disabled individually in an ingame config screen! (Accessible via the ModList/ModMenu)

Added/fixed animations:

  • Eating/Drinking

  • Maps(Yes you can see the map content if your client has been sent the map by holding it once/seeing it in an item frame)

  • Shield placement(you block where you look, not where the body is rotated to. So this will rotate the body with the head while blocking)

  • Don't show items during two-handed animations(Hide the offhand item while using a bow/crossbow)

  • Boat rowing(No longer sitting there and staring at the self-moving Paddles)

  • Horses(at least act like you're holding the reins)

  • Looking at a compass/clock(this one is actually more eye candy for the First-person Mod to make the compass better usable, but won't hurt outside of that, can be modified in the config file to extend to more items)

  • Ladder/climbing animation

  • Crawling animation, replacing the swimming one while out of water

  • Smooth arm movement and transitions

Support via Discord or Github! The comments are not there to report bugs/crashes/get help.