Noisium Forgified


 This is a forge port for the original fabric project


Optimises worldgen performance for a better gameplay experience.

The improvements lie between a 20-30% speedup when generating new chunks in vanilla Minecraft (benchmarked on 1.20.1 Fabric).

Noisium changes some world generation functions that other mods don't touch, to fill in the gaps left by other performance optimisation mods. Most notably, NoiseChunkGenerator#populateNoise is optimised to speed up blockstate placement when generating new chunks. There are also 3 other smaller optimisations, that increase biome population speed, chunk unlocking speed, and the speed of sampling blockstates for generation.
In NoiseChunkGenerator#populateNoise, setting the blockstate via abstractions/built-in functions is bypassed. Instead, the blocks are set directly in the palette storage, thus bypassing a lot of calculations and things Minecraft does that are normally useful when blocks are set, but when generating the world only slow it down, this is a cycle optimisation.

Noisium has full 1:1 parity with vanilla worldgen (worldgen without Noisium).


See original for details: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/noisium