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NoCube's Zombie Mobs adds dangerous zombified versions of vanilla mobs, which will attack their non-zombified version of animal, players and villagers. They spawn naturally in the dark, like vanilla zombies, or whenever animal dies during the night with 50% chance (by default). This kind of spawning can be prevented, if you kill the animal with item enchanted with Smite. Zombie animals will burn in sun light (by default). Below you can see full list of current zombie variants:

  • Zombie Chicken. Can easily pass through one-block gaps due to small size. Drops rotten flesh and feathers.
  • Zombie Pig. Explodes after a while if set on fire. This does not work while burning under sun light. Drops rotten flesh. 
  • Zombie Goat. Has powerful attack knockback and chance to stun target and inflict nausea. Stun effect decreases all horizontal movement by 50%. Drops rotten flesh. 
  • Zombie Sheep. Has armor boost at low health. Attacks sheep. Drops rotten flesh and wool.
  • Zombie Cow. Beats people inflicting nausea and launching them into the air. This effect works much stronger when the target is already mid-air. Drops rotten flesh and leather. 
  • Zombieshroom. Upon death explodes into toxic clouds, that inflict nausea and poison.

  • Zombie Cat & Ocelot. Inflicts poisonous rotting scratches with it's claws and has speed boost at low health. Drops rotten flesh and string. 
  • Zombie Fox. Steals food from main hand and off-hand of player and has speed boost at low health. Drops rotten flesh. 
  • Zombie Wolf. Has weak life-steal ability. Drops rotten flesh. 
  • Zombie Panda. Inflicts Hunger. Drops rotten flesh and rarely slimeballs

  • Hostile Zombie Horse. Different mob from vanilla Zombie Horse. Has medium knockback and chance to inflict slowness.
  • Zombie Donkey. Has medium knockback and chance to inflict mining fatigue.
  • Zombie Mule. Does not naturally spawn and appers only if Mule is killed.
  • Zombie Llama. Extremely dangerous due to poisonous spit ranged attack. Drops rotten flesh and leather.
  • Zombie Bear. Has damage boost at low health. Drops rotten flesh.
  • Zombie Dolphin. Inflicts "drowning" effect, which causes you to go to the bottom of ocean. Drops rotten flesh.
  • Zombie Turtle. Inflicts mining fatigue for one minute. Drops rotten flesh and seagrass
  • Zombie Squid. Upon attacking a player stops, before exploding and releasing ink clouds around and inflicting blindness.



You already know what to do: one splash potion of weakness + one golden apple, then wait 100 seconds (by default). Everything works same as with vanilla zombie villagers. Since minecraft animals are not naturally respawning, you can make almost any animal renewable, by capturing and curing zombie animals! 

Mod configuration can be done via gamerules upon world creation, or in-game (in example: /gamerule zomobsTurnChance 27). Currently the mod has these game rules:

  • zomobsAttackAnimals. Defines will zombie animals attack their non-zombie versions. Default: true
  • zomobsHealing. Allows curing zombie animals. Default: true
  • zomobsCureTime. How much time it takes to cure a zombie mob (in seconds). Default: 100 (like the vanilla zombie-villager)
  • zomobsSunBurn. Defines will zombie animals burn under the sun or not. Default: true
  • zomobsTurnChance. Chance for animal to turn into a zombie-version upon death during the night. Default: 50%



Permissions & FAQ:

  • You are allowed to make videos with mod or include in modpacks as long as this page is credited.
  • You are not allowed to use any mod resources in your projects.
  • You are not allowed to reupload the mod on any other websites / launchers. 
  • This mod is not going to be backported, or ported to Bedrock Edition or Fabric. And no Aternos.