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In 1.8 Mojang changed how the spawn_protection setting in server.properties functions. If there is no op at the time of world creation the setting is ignored and disabled. Creating an op later does not enable it.


This mod gives you a default spawn protection of 16 blocks. It can be set anywhere in the range of 0 to 10000 with optional granular level controls for what can be done at spawn. The mod must be installed on the dedicated server. It has no effect on the client and is also not required on the client.


Protect and configure spawn properties for the 3 main dimensions: Overworld, Nether, and The End.


Specifically control any of the following player actions.

  • Button pushing and lever flipping (circuits)
  • Door, gate, trap door (doors) opening and closing
  • Chests, furnace, machines (anything that is a container)
  • Block Placing
  • Right Clicking Items
  • Right Clicking Blocks
  • In-game commands for modifying the config without needing to restart the server


commands change the behavior of the mod in the game on the server side

when commands are executed the server config is updated thus removing the requirement to reboot the server.


/sp-allow <circuits|containers|doors|place|block|item> <true|false>

/sp-debug <true|false>

/sp-dimension <end|nether|overworld> <true|false>

/sp-display <all|worlds|protection|interaction>

/sp-ignore_op <true|false>

/sp-radius <range>


Using /sp-ignore true you can fully test the power of the commands without having a survival player near you or having to be in survival mode.

While present, the debug mode is something I might tell you to use to help me in the future.


Currently the /sp-radius affects spawn radius for the 3 worlds. I'll add more granularity to this in an upcoming release.


The  /sp-display command will show a readout similar to the following so that you can tweak things as you desire.


If you notice that others seem to be utterly blocked despite how you set the mod. Edit your server.properties and change spawn-protection to 0.


You can change the size of the protection and the protection controls by changing the config or by using the in-game commands. There is no need to reload your server or reset your world.


It currently does not block pressure plates as they do not fire an event and I'm using events to make this mod happen. 


Interacting with Villagers is permanently allowed. If you want this to be configurable let me know.



  • Different spawn radii for the dimensions
  • Support Custom dimensions
  • prevent mob griefing
  • prevent explosions
  • prevent other preventables 


Go for it. No need to ask. A link back would be awesome but not required. 

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