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Stop mob spawning on trees! Creepers will no more fall on your head!

Especially useful if you have some mods which can generate big trees, such as Realistic Terrain Generation, Thaumcraft, ExtraBiomesXL, etc.

It will:

  • Disable mob spawning on woodlogs (default).
  • Disable mob spawning on mushroom blocks (default).

Actually, it is a mob spawn control MOD. It can:

  • Control mob spawning by customized rules. Based on:
    • Mob Name / Type
    • Biome Name / ID / Type
    • Spawn Position
    • Spawn Block Name / Material
    • Dimension Name / ID
    • Probability
    • Moon Phase
    • Light Level
    • Game ticks
    • All of the above are setting in a single and neat config file. See wiki for details.
  • Add/Override entries of mob spawning list.
  • Adjust the spawning capacity of mobs.
  • Increase overall spawning rate (number of spawning tries in a tick) of mobs.


  • Ghast in desert (By adding "@biometype: SANDY, mob: ghast, weight: 1000" to rules)

  • Peaceful plains, dangerous savanna (By adding "biome: plains" to rules)

Peaceful plains, dangerous savanna

About Modpack:
You are welcome to include this mod in modpacks as long as you provide credit by linking back to this page.

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