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NineZero's Gun Expansion is an addon mod for MrCrayfish's Gun Mod that adds additional weapons and attachments in an aesthetically simple style. These weapons are designed and modeled to fit in with the weapons from the Gun Mod, while maintaining key details that help define each weapon.

Want the CGM guns in this mod's style? Check out CGM Audio/Visual Enhancements!

DEPENDENCIES: Framework is required for all 1.18.2+ releases. Obfuscate is only required for the 1.16.5 backport releases. CurseForge sometimes doesn't display dependencies correctly in the Relations tab. 


Feature List:

  • Over a dozen additional weapons to use, ranging from handguns to rifles. By default, these weapons are balanced to fit in with the default CGM weapons.
  • One ammo item: the Medium Bullet, used by some of the rifles in this addon.
  • An assortment of attachments, including barrels, stocks, sights, and a grip.
  • Crafting recipes for all items, allowing them to be used in survival mode.


Check out the wiki for detailed information on all the guns and attachments featured in this mod!


Preview Renders







NineZero's Gun Expansion is available for 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.2, and 1.16.5.


Actively supported versions

1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.3, 1.19.4

These versions will receive all content updates, minor updates, and bug fixes. Updates will first be released on the main development version, after which the new update is ported to the other actively supported versions.

The main development version (currently 1.19.2) is the one I use for developing new features and implementing cross-version bug fixes. These changes are then ported to the other actively supported versions.

Occasionally, the main development version will have pre-release builds for testing new features and bug fixes before they are pushed into a full release.


Delayed release versions


These versions have a delayed development and release cycle, with releases coming sometime after the actively supported versions are released.

Note about 1.16.5:

CGM's latest version for Minecraft 1.16.5 is v1.2.6 (compared to 1.3.x on 1.18+) and uses Obfuscate instead of Framework as its core library, so there are inherent code and model file differences compared to CGM for 1.18.2+. While NZGE for 1.16.5 is currently still supported, I consider it a delayed release version as it takes time to backport content to this outdated version.


Partially supported versions

None Currently

These versions will primarily receive bug fixes as needed, but will likely not receive any new content updates.


Unsupported versions

None Currently

These versions are no longer supported beyond troubleshooting existing issues, and will no longer receive any updates.



Credits & Contributions:

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_cn) localization: chemlzh
  • Russian (ru_ru) localization: PortalRU, mpustovoi
  • Japanese (ja_jp) localization: Nyattou
  • Korean (ko_kr) localization: 오구리 캡 / oguri_cap_1988


If you would like to contribute translations, please open an issue or pull request on the mod's GitHub repository and provide a language json file with the translations. Your help is appreciated!




Q: Can I use this in my modpack?

A: Yes you may. As a courtesy, please include the mod's name and/or a link to it on your modpack's page or mod list. On CurseForge, a modpack's 'Relations/Dependencies' page effectively serves as a mod list.


Q: 1.20.x?

A: I cannot update NZGE to 1.20.x until CGM has been updated to 1.20.x by MrCrayfish. Once CGM for 1.20.x is released, I can begin porting NZGE to 1.20.x.

I am aware that an unofficial port of CGM to 1.20.1 exists, but I will not update NZGE to work with it since it is not an official version created by MrCrayfish himself. NZGE for 1.20.x will only be developed and released once MrCrayfish has released an official 1.20.x version of CGM.


Q: Why doesn't your mod have localization for my language?

A: Translating and localizing NZGE is primarily a volunteer effort, as I am only fluent in English, but I welcome and encourage efforts to translate NZGE into other languages. If you would like to contribute translations, please open an issue or pull request on the mod's GitHub repository and provide a language json file with the translations. Your help is appreciated!


Q: Why do some versions start with 1.1.1 or 1.3.2 instead of 1.0.0/1.2.0/2.0.0?

A: An NZGE release's version numbers reflect the state of the mod across all Minecraft release versions, effectively denoting the mod version from which it was ported. For instance, the 1.18.2 branch starts at v1.1.1 since it was derived from the 1.19.2 v1.1.1 release.

If a major overhaul were to occur with a new version, then that version would be labeled as '2.0.0'.


Q: Can you add x/y/z?

A: I cannot guarantee that I will add the guns/items you want, but I do look at comments and consider suggestions I'm given. What I add ultimately depends on what I feel would fit in with the rest of NZGE's content.

I have a roadmap of various items/features that are planned or in consideration on the mod's GitHub page, which may include something you're suggesting. Please note that this roadmap is not set in stone and items may be pushed forward or backward or have their status changed at any time.


Q: How about 1.12.2?

A: CGM 1.12.2 is much different than CGM for 1.16.5+ both in function and internally, and it has not received an update since early 2020. While I understand that 1.12.2 remains a popular version of modded Minecraft, I have no plans to backport NZGE to 1.12.2.