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Ever wanted to brag to your fellow players about your wealthy endeavours mining for various resources? Just got a little too many Diamonds in storage, but don't know what to do with it? Tired of having your house blown up or destroyed because you didn't invest in blast-proofing? Need a little power, but not too much? Maybe you just started playing, but simply just can't get enough wood to build a home, or maybe spruce up some Villages.

Nifty has got just the thing. It includes Stairs, Slabs, Fences, Trapdoors, Fence Gates, and Doors for your precious resources, such as Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, and Redstone. Take it slowly with some other useful resources like Clay, Dirt, Grass, Hay, and Grass Path, perfect for the humble and primitive of constructions.


Now you can bask in the glory of your reinforced, bejewelled, and quite frankly expensive construction you could achieve with a bit of basic resources.


Discord Server

This server isn't about Nifty, but it links to the channel.


For the Sides...

This mod adds an interaction between Twilight Forest and The Betweenlands. When these two mods are present, you will gain some extra Nifty blocks. Note: If Twilight Forest or The Betweenlands is removed, the existing blocks will persist in existing worlds. Compat features only present where those and Nifty exist on the same version.


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