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Filename nifty-1.14.4-2.8.jar
Uploaded by Squiggly_Androsa
Uploaded Dec 23, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 29a2898b38b9cf2acb042a6845bdcc4d
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It's now Christmas, which means Nifty is now over a year old now. Here's a fitting update.

• Added Snow Nifty blocks. Layers of Snow are fun and all, but what about decorative blocks?

• Added Ice Nifty blocks. Translucent, melts in light just like Ice, and just as slippery.

• Added Packed Ice Nifty blocks. For an opaque, no-melt solution.

• Added Blue Ice Nifty blocks. I don't really have any fun quips for Blue Ice; why was it even added outside of feature bloat?

• All the icy blocks are slippery, however some vanilla logic may make it not slippery. Currently there is no way to control this.

• All Obsidian Nifty blocks are now immune to being destroyed by the Enderdragon. Make what you will with this fact.

• Tagged some more blocks. It now uses some more vanilla or Forge Tags, for quality purposes.

• Look, every time I'm proud of doing something in the background, not everyone cares. You know the drill.

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