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Filename nifty-1.12.2-1.5.jar
Uploaded by Squiggly_Androsa
Uploaded Apr 12, 2019
Game Version Forge
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Yeah, now I'm really picking up where Mojang left off.

  • Added Dirt Nifty Blocks. Start out your flaunting adventure by pimping up your Dirt house.
  • Added Grass Nifty Blocks. A greener alternative to Dirt houses, and self-sustaining.
  • Grass and Dirt Nifty blocks don't decay or grow, so they maintain their form in builds. To change between the two, use a Shovel or Bone Meal.
  • Added Hay Nifty Blocks. I'm surprised there wasn't some sort of Hay Stairs or Hay Slab in Minecraft already; now I know.
  • By popular demand and asked by nobody, added Clay Nifty Blocks. They were already a thing in 2.1, but I'll bring it here.
  • I may have gone a little far, and decided to add The Betweenlands compat. This includes Octine, Syrmorite, Valonite, Scabyst, and Sulfur Nifty Blocks.
  • Fixed Nifty Slab behaviour. They didn't drop anything if they were full blocks, and pick-blocking a full block yielded nothing.
  • All this time I was doing the Nifty Trapdoor recipes wrong.
  • I want to brag about how much rewriting I did in the background because it looks good, but nobody really cares.

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