New World Dawn - the expansion of humanity

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New World Dawn is technic & PVP mod.


26.04.2019 200 mod elements!

28.04.2019 300 mod elements!

07.06.2019 400 mod elements!

NWD remake is'n copy of mod NWD. It's just remake with new elements! (remake 200 orginal 1.11.2 123)

In remaked version I include much new stuff and procedures. I also use new version of Mcreator 1.8.3.


Description may be outdated!

Let's start!

Blocks - ores

  • Wzmacniaczium- This is new resource added by this mod. It's make everything stronger! (polish.amplifier)
  • Copper - Used in some mechanism.
  • Uranium - Used in some bomb & missiles with Huge explosion
  • Salt - Decoblock (for now)

Wzmacniaczium block & ore & ingot

Copper ore & block & ingot

Uranium (ore & ingot)


Building blocks

-Reinforced concrete

-Concrete bricks

-Reinforced glass

All buldingblocks (without technical)









Functional blocks

-radio (when right clicked with memorystick play custom sound (configurable in mod files)

-missile controler (destroy your target without leaving home!)

-crate (resistiant to almost any damage!)

From left: radio, missile controler, crate


-ingnots (all resources)

-detonator (necesarry to craft nuke)

-syringes with potion effects

-syringes with DNA data

-spawn egg (used in genetic)

-missiles (used in missile controler)

-field glasses (necesarry to craft tactical helmet)

-chocolate - food

& moore

Items (











Weapons & tools

Wzmacniaczium sword (powerfull sword)

Invisibly device (makes you invisible

Dewastator - minigun


Machine gun

drill (normal and dimond)



Savesuit armor

Tactical helment

Jetpack (you can start with elytra from evey place) fuel: firework

bombs (mk1 and mk2 can be dropped from eltyra or any situation

All combat item







Recipe list

Download folder with photos


Zombie army!


Zombie tier 1


Zombie tier 1





Zombie tier 2

zombie tier 2






Zombie tier 3

clone tier 3

To craft clone egg you must use cloning tabble.

Syringe + AI  Empty egg

After place egg on ground send redstone signal

When mob spawned you can type "battlecommand" to get item. Whe you hold item in hand zombies will follow you, but when you attack cloned zombie they will attack you!

You can tame zombie using bone


work in progress...

Commands list

/battlecommandgive you clone commands

/Hellomissile watch your head!

/Nukeman realy Watch your head!

/MIRVnow Ja robić bum bum







Did you tried it?

-complete all advances from mod

-send nuke

-ding all types of resources

-drop bombs 

-clone sheep

-create GMO wheat


                                                           Download now!


MCreator is a software used to make Minecraft mods without programming knowledge. It's very simple to use, and its concept is easy to learn. It's constantly updated and improved.




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