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The mod includes a large variety of features, such as:

  • Functional Tardis with multiple flight processes
  • Bigger on the Inside (BOTI) Effect
  • Dedicated Tardis sub-systems for specific functions
  • Trans-dimensional Flight (Supports dimensions from other mods)
  • Multiple Consoles
  • Multiple Console Rooms
  • Sonic devices
  • Mobs - Daleks, Cybermen, Companions
  • Vehicles - Bessie, Dalek Casing


  • Mods with custom dimensions - The TARDIS allows the user to travel to all dimensions
  • Galacticraft - TM Spacesuit provides oxygen and thermal protection on most GC planets (the exception being Venus)
  • Xnet and Buildcraft - Item transfer with Electric Interface Panel
  • K9 Mod
  • Handles
  • Doctor Who - Regeneration
  • Doctor Who - Weeping Angels

This mod's "Bigger on the Inside" feature is incompatible with most performance booster mods such as Optifine, BetterFPS, CodeChicken. We cannot change that. 



Create an issue on the mod's Github Issue tracker! This is the fastest method as it is easily seen and managed by the developers.

Issues tracker:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this mod a continuation of the original Tardis Mod by ShaneDarkholme?

A: No, while the New Tardis Mod was inspired by the original mod, it has no relation to it.


Q: Who made this mod?

A: The New Tardis Mod was founded by Spectre0987, but is developed by a group of people. The developers are the Tardis Team: .


Q: I was told by X that Y was added/implemented this way. Why does it not work this way?!?!

A: Your installed version of the mod may not match with the version the information is referring to, or the information may be inaccurate.


Q: Are core mods required?

A: No. You only need the Tardis mod jar file.


Q: Which version of Forge do I need?

A: The recommended version is the latest version of Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2. The final decision is up to you, however.


Q: Will you add support for cracked versions?

A: No, the developers do not support cracked Minecraft versions.

Mod Usage:

Q: How do I fly the TARDIS?

A: Read the wiki page:

Q: Why is the Tardis not taking off/What are Sub-systems?

A: The Tardis requires the installation of special components to make it operational for flight. Please see the page:

Q: How do I summon my TARDIS?

A: You will need to bind a remote to the console unit first. You do this by right-clicking the console unit with one and then right-clicking a block. The Tardis will land roughly near the block’s coordinates.


Q: How do I obtain mercury bottles?

A: Put Cinnabar dust in the Alembic, then right-click the alembic with a glass bottle.


Q: How do I generate rooms?

A: You cannot as of 0.0.6+. You must make one.  


Q: Can I have more than one Tardis per world save?

A: No.

You can find more information on the mod's wiki.




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