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Filename tardis-0.1.0E.jar
Uploaded by spectre0987
Uploaded Jul 7, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 16.71 MB
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MD5 db17dee361d7cf5151281d13e4ca259e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



Real World Flight

Mob - Adipose

Mob - Raiders

Kerblam Box


  • Repair Capsule
    •      Allows users to repair Tardis sub-systems without needing to access the console unit
    •     Handy for users who are trapped in their Tardis due to Thermocoupling breakage
  • Monitor Protocol: Escape Protocol
    •     Teleports all players in the TARDIS to overworld spawn at the cost of 10% of Artron banks
  • TARDIS now falls if there is no block beneath it



  • Symbiotic Nuclei Model - now 3D!
  • Companions now path through and open doors​

Bug fixes/Enhancement​


  • Tardis exterior duplication bug
    •     Occurs when Tardis crashes due to depleted fuel and/or sub-system, which forces the Tardis exterior to materialise 
    •      Caused by chunk not unloading fully before Tardis exterior demats fully
    •      Each Tardis door now handles its own chunk loading instead of the console unit handling it
  • Being unable to add modded blocks to ARS GUI
  • Toyota Spinnymajig crash
  • Tardis commands rework
  • Performance enhancements
    • BOTI
  • Interior door now instantly updates when flight ends or if client loads it.