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Filename tardis-0.1.0C.jar
Uploaded by spectre0987
Uploaded Apr 23, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 16.73 MB
Downloads 1,617
MD5 68aa2c484a6dc9769f87519eb8c85b5c
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



  • Basic HTML and image support for TARDIS manual (support for custom content)
  • Protocol Stealth mode
    • Renders the exterior invisible
    • Activated via TARDIS monitor
    • Uses chameleon circuit durability - 1% durability per 5 seconds.
      • Maximum stealth mode time can be achieved with using the default exterior shell and a chameleon circuit at full durability. This gives 500 sec=8.33 minutes of stealth mode
  • Tardis demat/remat configurable keybind
    • Default key: J
  • ARS Egg
    • Opens a gui that contains a list of decorative blocks
    • Upon clicking on a block icon, the player is given a stack of decorative blocks in exchange for 0.5% of the TARDIS's Artron Energy banks (i.e. 0.5% artron per stack of blocks)
    • Json file in config folder allows for custom blocks to be added to the list
  • Wardrobe TARDIS exterior



  • Real World Flight
    • TARDIS now tips in direction of motion
    • Demat and remat animations
      • Activated using configurable keybind (J by default)
    • Sounds
      • Flight noise loop
        • When TARDIS has fuel
      • Cloister bell
        • When TARDIS is collided horizontally with a block and TARDIS out of fuel
      • Fuel Depleted sound
        • If TARDIS is out of fuel and is not on ground
    • TARDIS no longer takes knock back when hit by a damage source
  • Companion GUI
    • Buttons are now interfaces
  • Artron capacitors can now refuel TARDIS when right clicking with it on the console unit. Each use decreases the capacitor’s charge capacity (maximum: 100)
    • Adds 10% of total Tardis artron bank capacity
    • Adding fuel to the TARDIS decreases charge capacity of artron capacitor instead of its durability.
  • Artron capacitors are now rechargable if it is in the player's inventory and the player is standing in a rift chunk.
    • The charge value can be seen in the item’s tooltip
    • Recharges 0.5% of total capacity per second
    • No longer repairable with microwelding station
  • Food machine logic
    • Now takes 5 seconds to make food instead of 7 seconds
  • Sonic screwdriver block interaction
    • Now turns on redstone lamps and dispensers
  • Sonic screwdriver entity interaction
    • Added interaction for parrots
  • Food machine Model updated
  • Monitor GUI updated
    • All protocols now use command prompt style interface
  • Food machine model updated, displays are fixed
  • Dalek Ray gun
    • Right click action uses bow animation
    • Ammo left now displayed as a percentage of its total capacity
    • Now has 10 second cool down per use
    • Tooltip with loading instructions
  • Sonic screwdriver tooltip
    • Now displays tooltip if player mouse's over item and holds sneak key (default: Shift)

Bug fixes/Enhancement

  • Reduced performance issues with BOTI when door is closed
  • BOTI
    • Fixed a bug with transparent block
    • No longer renders everything as full bright
      • Smooth lighting rendering is non functional, still a work in progress
    • Fixed blocks that are unable to see the sky(e.g. a block under a solid block) rendering black
    • Fixed bug where some tiles were rendered as always facing north
  • Companions now display the item they were given
  • Fixed flight time not recalculating when destination coordinates are changed whilst in flight
  • Fixed stattenheim remote being able to summon TARDIS whilst it is in flight
  • Real world flight bug - Y position is now shifted up by 1
  • Fixed bug where Client sends a message of "None" when server has a waypoint that overlaps with client waypoint
  • Fixed missing blockstates
  • Lang file fixes
    • Brachacki doors closed now named TARDIS Ancillary doors
  • Flight mode
    • Fixed player being able to damage entities
    • Render fixes
    • TARDISes in real world flight being able to enter another TARDIS’ interior via open doors
    • Issue with stealth mode
  • Missing left hand display for TARDIS keys
  • Sonic screwdriver block interactions
    • Opens if player uses sonic on top of iron doors - no need to interact with bottom of iron door