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Filename tardis-0.0.9A.jar
Uploaded by spectre0987
Uploaded Feb 8, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 4.80 MB
Downloads 3,797
MD5 4d821fa218f4cc89afbc79738bc5b30a
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



  • Command /tardis summon
  • Monitor protocol: Double Lock doors



  • Toggleable and Customizable Tardis Hum sounds via toggling Tardis Hum protocol
    • Copper Hum
    • Coral Hum
    • 1963 Hartnell Hum
    • Toyota Hum
  • New sonics
    • 2nd Doctor
    • 3rd Doctor
    • 4th Doctor
    • 5th Doctor
    • 7th Doctor
    • War Doctor
    • 9th/10th Doctor
    • Sonic Lance
    • Sonic Lipstick
    • Sonic Trowel
  • Sonic Workbench
  • Confirmation message when removing subsystems
  • Sub-system: Thermal Coupling.
  • Tardis spawn with random component
  • TARDIS now land more precisely
  • (Addons) Code event to help addon makers
    • Cancelable
    • TardisCrashEvent
    • TardisTakeOffEvent
    • TardisLandEvent
    • TardisSubsystemBrokeEvent
  • Startup message for Optifine users
  • New sounds
  • Brachaki Table 
  • Tardis Monitor protocol: Interior changing system
  • New Tardis interior



  • Tardis Monitor GUI
  • Command /tardis restoresys improved
    • /tardis restoresys <subsystem1> <subsystem2> … (type the sub systems you want to repair)
    • /tardis restorsys <username> <subsystem1> <subsystem2> …
    • E.g.
    • /tardis restoresys flight dimensional antenna …
  • Command /tardis interior improved
    • New optional parameter: /tardis interior [Username]
    • Only with a specific permission
  • Command /tardis remove improved
    • Now removes the console unit
  • Tardis growing process now has different coral model for different growth stages.
  • Sonic Shades model
  • Sonic Pen model


Bug Fixes/Enhancement

    • BOTI improvement
      • BOTI now syncs with different interior door rotations and positions (North, South, East, West)
    • Various bug fixes
    • Dalek raygun improvement
    • Offline support for few commands
      • /tardis remove
      • /tardis restoresys (Lotux to verify)
      • /tardis interior
      • Offline support mean you can autocomplete the player username when it’s offline, that use the usernamecache.json on server.


  • E.g. autocomplete command parameters


  • Tardis entry and exit points now sync with interior door position changes
  • Tardis exterior to interior teleportation only occurs when player steps into the door and not the block in front of it.
  • Entity teleportation between Tardis exterior and interior 
  • Fixed Cinnabar Ore not dropping Cinnabar dust
  • Fixed bug where interior door state does not sync with exterior door state. (If closed from inside, does not close on the outside)
  • Breaking Tardis monitor in survival mode drops 2 monitors instead of 1.
  • Cinnabar dust does not drop from Cinnabar ore when mined