Never Enough Currency 2 (FORGE)

3,790 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4
if you get a crash log send it to me on discord in the mod bug report area


Discord Link for bug report (click me)
I do not own this mod i just update to 1.15.2


Most Mod Feature from 1.12.2 not add yet but will be coming in the future   

Never Enough Currency is a mod which has currency loosely based on USD. The mod contains such things as an account system, ATM's, wallets, and soon™ an immersive shop system.


How Do I Get Currency?
If You Want The Mob To Drop The Currency The Only Mob What Drop Cash Is Wandering Trading And Unemployed Village

Here A Link To The Datapack that work With Mod To Enable The Datapack Type /function mhd:setup  In Chat



Need Help  Or want some of your idea in the mod Join The Discord


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