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Here is the home of all the Nether Biomes you could ever want!


Due to the release of the new WoW Expansion I'll be on a break.

This will be the last update for some time. Bugfixes will still be made. After my break is over I'll continue working on this mod.

Netherlicious is far from finished


- Added Blaze Knight Mob

- Heavy armored Blaze

- Spawns in Nether Fortress

- Drops special Material to craft Armor with


- Added Efrine Armor and Tools

- Armor durable like iron, protective like gold

- Tools same as iron

- Full Armor makes you fire resistant

- Items don't burn

- Values can be changed in Config


- Added Heavy Blaze Armor

- Very protective better than diamond. Not as durable as diamond but better than iron

- Full set gives fire resistance but you move and hit slower

- Items don't burn

- Values can be changed in Config

- Negative Effect can be disabled or made stronger


Spawnweights of Nether fortress Mob spawns can be changed


- Efrine Blocks can be used as beacon bases



Contains 10 Biomes at the moment


Biomes are backported from the Nether Update but are different, Compability with BiomesOPlenty

More new Biomes and features will be added in the future, this is not just a backporting mod



Netherite will not be backported, use this mod instead. it adds compability with other mods too:


Or use this mod:



Get your Soul Campfire here:



Very important Note about the Respawn Anchor

- The Anchor only works in the Nether

- Don't break the Anchor without setting a new Spawnpoint in the Nether first or you could get stuck if you die. If that happens you can disable respawning in the Nether

You will only respawn if you die in the Nether.

The Spawnpoint does not get Overridden if you set a new Spawnpoint in the Overworld.

You do not need to charge the Anchor



The Strider:

The Strider is different from the 1.16 Version. It is tamed like a horse or with Fungal Treats, follows you if you hold fungi, it does not walk on Lava on it's own, but you can ride it on Lava just fine.

You can breed tamed Striders with Fungi. You can equip them with horse armor, but they won't show a texture for it.


Dropps: 0-5 String and 1-3 Strider Flank(Meat) 


The Hoglin:

The Hoglin is different from the 1.16 Version. It can be tamed with Fungal treats so it won't attack you. You can breed them with fungi. Turns into a Zoglin when hit by lightning and if you are not in peaceful.

Leaves you alone in peaceful mode. Hold Fungi or Fungal Treats so they follow you.

Spawn Biomes: Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Foxfire Swamp

Dropps: 1-3 Pork and 0-2 Leather


The Zoglin:

The Zoglin is different from the 1.16 Version. It can be healed and be turned into a untamed Hoglin with a splash potion of weaknes and a golden carrot.

Can be set to allow them spawning as Thaumcraft Champions. Default = true

Spawn Biomes: Nether Biome, Basalt Deltas, Crystalline Crag, Abyssal Shadowland

Dropps: Rotten Flesh


The Blaze Knight:

The Blaze Knight is a heavy armored Blaze. It acts almost the same as every other Blaze, but is harder to defeat due to it having a high resistance to damage and being resistent to knockback.

Can be set to allow them spawning as Thaumcraft Champions. Default = true

Spawn Biomes: Nether Fortress

Dropps: Blaze Rod, Shield Scrap


Biome specific Ceiling



Netherlicious Biomes

The Foxfire Swamp:


The Crystalline Crag:


The Abyssal Shadowland:

Generates without Netherrack or Lava


The Ruptured Chasm


Backported Nether Biomes:

The Warped Forest:


The Crimson Forest: 


The Basalt Deltas:


And the Soulsand Valley:



Natura Compability Biomes

The Tainted Shroom Cave:

The Burning Desert:


Bigger Nether

You can enable that option and you will get a Nether that is double the Height of the Normal Nether.





Lanterns can be configured to burn out, does not affect Glowstone and Redstone.

Chains can be powered by Redstone




Blackstone and Basalt generators.

You can create a Blackstone or Basalt generator with Spectral Dew




The Crops:

All Crops can be found in the Nether. You have the Option to disable the spawns and to get Seeds from breaking Nether Grasses like Sprouts.



Some Features


- Entirely new Blocks like Nylium or the Plants will always have the new 1.16 Sounds

- You can enable new Sounds for some of the old Minecraft Nether Blocks and some Blocks of this mod like Nether Gold Ore.


- You can enable new Textures for Blocks like Netherrack, will apply to some modded Blocks like Nylium


- Gravel in the Nether is replaced with a Dark Gravel Variant. It works exactly like normal Gravel. Can be disabled

- Magmatic Blackstone instead of Magma Blocks for Compability reasons. Generation can be disabled, will not affect Biome specific generation or if it's part of structures.

- Nether Gold Ore, dropps nuggets. Can be disabled



- Some Achievements are linked to Vanilla Achievements. You can only earn them if you earned those first.


Some Block Mechanics


- You can use Bonemeal on Nylium to spawn some Biome specific Plants on it.

- You can use Bonemeal on Netherrack next to Nylium to spread Nylium on the Netherrack.

- Bonemeal on a Fungus will spawn a huge version when there is enough space and the Fungus is on the right Nylium Block


Climbable Blocks:

- The Warped and Twisting Vines are Climbable while holding the jump key. Sneaking will pause you climbing up or down.

- Chains got changed to be climbable like ladders.



- Soulfire hurts more than normal fire

- Fire on Soul Soil will change to Soul Fire after some time.



- Foxfire only hurts if you are immune to Fire

- Entities that are Fire resistant will burn in this fire



- Shadowfire hurts everything that is not undead with withered damage

- will not set you on fire

- gives you blindnes


Log stripping

Right clicking a Fungi Log with an axe will remove the Bark texture.



Supported Mods:

Biomes O' Plenty:

- Biomes generate in the Nether.



- 2 New Biomes are created for Natura.



- Bone Blocks and Wither Roses can be used in World generation in the Soul Sand Valley



- Every Block, Item and Mob has Aspects asigned to them, to scan with the Thaumometer




Russian: Mudresistor




If you want to get all news for this mod, and want to see wip and mod progress visit the Mods Twitter:



Q: Can I use this mod in my Modpack?

A: Yeah go for it, Modpacks are great.


Q: Can you Port this Mod to Version.....?

A: Nope not going to happen.


Q: Why do the files get so much bigger?

A: Sounds and music take lots of space.


Q: Why don't my resource pack override Nether Textures?

A: I change the direction of the resource path if the option for textures is on, so either disable them with the config or make a new resource pack using the netherlicious path.

That's the only way I can change the texture with code.


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