Exetiorfan's Netherite Backport

474 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 12, 2021 Game Version: Forge

Hello everyone! I made my very first mod and decided to share with you all! This doesn't do much. It just backports the Netherite from the Nether Update. Though, the fireproof items(Thanks to DelirusCrux for the code), the sounds from the blocks, the tools, they are all here. So... yay.


Why am I backporting Netherite despite there is already a mod called Netherite Plus+ that already backports the item?

It's hard to explain sooooo... I got no answer for you.


Nether biomes and mobs will not be backported. Only Netherite will be.

However, there is a mod called Netherlicious that already backports the stuff from the Nether update.


 The source code of the mod: https://github.com/Exetiorfan/Netherite-Backport-Source-Code-2.5


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