Nether Tweaks

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Welcome to Nether Tweaks 2


The main purpose of this mod, is the (optional) worldtype "Hellworld".

You can select it when creating a world. If you don't want to play it, you can do so because everything works without it and is documented in the wiki.


In this worldtype you start in the Nether and respawn there. Escaping into other dimensions, besides the end, is not possible. Even if it is possible to enter the end, water evaporates there as well as in the Nether. In order to get the things you need, similar to Skyblock, you have all sorts of devices and tools at your disposal.


If mods are installed which add resources not available in the Nether, you can add them via JSON files in the config folder of Nether Tweaks. Other devices can also process new items and blocks using the corresponding configurable JSON files. There are many different configuration options, e.g. the individual deactivation of blocks & items.


For beginners I recommend to read the page "Hellworld" in the Wiki.

The Wiki has been updated. The latest changelog can be found here.


If you know a language other than US American English or German (Germany) and want a translation you can translate this file. Then name it like the language code of your language and link it in the comments. Language codes look like this: de-de (German, Germany) or pt-br (Portuguese, Brazil). Currently Brazilian Portuguese, French (France) and Spanish (Spain) are supported which has been translated by


***Since version 1.5.0 this mod needs SFHCore! You should always use the latest version for your Minecraft version. If it is not so, then tell me.***


Please note: Version 2.0.1+ was made for Forge version It can work with higher or lower versions of Forge, but I can't guarantee that.

Whenever a new version is installed, the JSON files in the config folder of NTM must be deleted so that the new/updated recipes can be loaded.


Tested Mods: Click here. If you know what other mods work with this mod, or what possible recipe overrides there are, let me know!


Modpack Policy: You are free to use this in all modpacks, only a naming would be nice!

Please report all bugs politely in the issues page.


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