Nether Reactor

1,863 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

This mod adds the old Minecraft Pocket Edition Nether Reactor into java edition!

Not only is the regular netherrack spire back (painstakingly re-created from old MCPE 0.6 film), but the obsidian spire can also be spawned for those old-timers! And If you're looking for a bit more of a challenge, a new spire variant can be spawned. There are also decorative variants of the Reactor Core, in the regular, active, and deactivated states. Craft glowing obsidian with lava and obsidian, the old texture and a newer revamped texture that may be a useful light source in some builds. 


To create the new spire variants (which also come with better loot and more foes), simply replace the cobblestone of the original structure, with either obsidian or iron blocks before starting the reaction.

Feel free to put it in any modpack, and feel free to tell me about it too!


The Source link reflects the 1.15 version, I will change to 1.16.4 version soonish.


Known bugs: 

The "active" nether reactor core block cannot be broken during a reaction, This just means that a reaction will always carry through to completion.

Zombie Pigmen try to attack players in creative mode.

Can't place block by shift+right+click when looking at reactor core.

pigmen have no sounds.


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