Nether Ores Plus+

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 This Mod Adds in New Ores to the Nether, Not just your Regular Ores

There are 3 Different varients of Ore, Basalt,Blackstone and Netherrack all found in the Nether

Nether Ores Drop, Nethered Items which can be made into Normal Drops.

There is also a Golden Brick Ore Added to the Fortress where, you can find the best Gold Available


Netherrack Ores are the most common and can be found anywhere in the Nether

Netherrack Ores have the least Ore Drops

Basalt and Blackstone Ores are more Rare and don't have a top texture making them harder to see

Basalt and Blockstone Ores have some of the best loot in the Mod

All Ores from the Mod can be Fortuned to gain more Drops

You can also use Silk Touch to Mine the Blocks 


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