This is a mod that prevents ticking crashes from bricking worlds.

Modrinth CurseForge

When an Entity, Block or Item causes a ticking crash:

  • That Entity will be suspended and no longer tick, you can still interact with the entity but cannot attack it.
  • That Block Entity / Tile Entity or Block State (for random ticks) will no longer tick, you can still access the block inventory if it has one.
  • That Item will stop ticking in the inventory but will still persist and function in recipes and most uses, nothing is lost.
  • If another mod causes the Player to crash on tick, the Player will be kicked instead.


  • What Is This?: Opens the Neruina wiki page on what Neruina is and what it does
  • Copy Crash: Copies the cause of the ticking exception to your clipboard
  • Teleport: Teleports you to the location of the ticking entity
  • Try Resume: Attempts to resume the ticking of the ticking entity
  • Kill: Immediately kills and removes the ticking entity
  • Report (1.19+): Opens a new issue on the NeruinaAutoReports GitHub repository and any mods that opt-in to the reporting system


  • Ticking entity tracking will now persist across server restarts
  • When the world is first started Neruina will broadcast all tracked ticking entities that need addressing

Ticking Threshold:

  • When a certain number of ticking excpetions occur within a certain time frame, Neruina will deliberately crash in order to prevent the server from becoming unusable.
  • A comprehensive report will be generated with every ticking exception that occurred with instructions on what to do next.
  • The default threshold is 10 exceptions within 5 minutes, this can be changed in the config.


  • log_level
    • operators (default) - Only operators will receive the broadcast
    • everyone - Everyone will receive the broadcast
    • disabled - No one will receive the broadcast
  • ticking_exception_threshold
    • The number of ticking exceptions that can occur within the specified time frame before Neruina will deliberately crash
    • Default is 10
    • -1 will disable the threshold
  • auto_kill_ticking_entities
    • If true, ticking entities will be immediately killed and removed rather than suspended
    • Default is false