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Neko's Enchanted Books

is a small mod for Forge that adds unique textures to every Enchanted Book in vanilla Minecraft!

Additionally, the mod also shares compatibility with a variety of other mods! Including...

- Advent of Ascension 3
- Aileron
- Alex's Mobs
- Allurement
- Apotheosis
- Ars Nouveau
- AutoSmelt
- BetterDefaultBiomes
- BetterEnd (Forge)
- Big Brain
- BlockSwapper
- Brooms
- Charm
- CombatRoll
- Consecration
- CopperOverhaul
- Corpse Complex
- Create
- Domestication Innovation
- Elenai Dodge 2
- Ensorcellation
- Farmer's Delight
- Fins and Tails
- GrapplingHookMod
- Greed N' Bleed
- Inventorio
- Jellyfishing
- Kobolds
- Locks
- Ma Enchants
- Mining Master
- Momentum
- Mythic Botany
- Origins
- Seeker's Compass
- Shulker Enchantments
- Spells and Shields
- Step, Leap, Dash
- Supplementaries
- The Wild Backport
- VanillaTweaks
- Veinmining
- Wall-Jump!
- Wonderful Enchantments/
- MajruszsEnchantments

Shout-out to Nebula240 (& Witherlord00) and chickenmcjesus for helping with some of new sprites and code while I was burnt out!

Originally a resource pack for Optifine, I acquired the help of @Christian#9544 on Discord to help make it a mod instead so that it could be used for the wonderful modpack Slightly Vanilla Flavoured!

The mod was programmed in such a way that adding brand new enchantment icons is incredibly straightforward!

Check out the GitHub readme if you're interested in contributing! 

It goes without saying, but if you want to use this for your own modpacks, you're entirely welcome to, and it would be very much appreciated! 


 Before commenting:

Don't put the mod in your server mods folder. It is a client-side mod!

Make sure the Mod Resources are at the top of your resource pack list,
or the textures may not show in-game!