315,247 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 22, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Taken over from sirolf2009, see original thread

This mod, in a nutshell, allows you to play god. You take bodyparts from slain foes, stitch them together as you see fit, and reanimate the horrifying resulting. Enjoy.

Extensive review with less creep factor

What this mod adds:

  • 4 new Blocks such as the Surgical/Summoning Altar or the Sewing Machine
  • 9 new Items, 2 of which are weapons and 1 helmet, also a Brain on a Stick
  • a secret and terrifying ranged weapon
  • 2 new hostile Mobs spawning along with Zombies and Skeletons
  • collect the Lifeblood and the Souls of your Enemies
  • craft and animate your own Minions from 16 different Creature's parts and subsequent stats
  • over 1000 combinations possible unless Math
  • custom Village spawns with Necromantic Traders
  • Blood chalices spawn in the Nether
  • 4 Necromantic Achievements
  • API for new Necromantic Entities to be introduced


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